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National geographic readers. S guide to cleopatra. An book just for kids. Great for my 3rd graders cleopatra report. 6 free printable book report templates. Awesome for teachers to use as well as parents. From drawing a picture book report to author highlight book report. Kids learn about the biography of cleopatra vii of ancient egypt. The last pharaoh and friends of romans julius caesar and marc antony. Cleopatra ruled egypt and conquered the hearts of julius caesar and mark antony. Biography on this remarkable woman in history.
Cleopatra for kids cleopatra was not an egyptian rather she was a macedonian born in a ptolemy family. Cleopatra has 81, ratings and 4, reviews. First and foremost this is a history book. The plot is taken from real time 2, years ago. Classroom learning is not only. Daughter of the nile, egypt, 57 b. Has 4 reviews and 4 ratings. Loved it very suspensfull.
How far is this consistent with roman depictions of her in book 1, chapter 1. When i began my report, i knew very little about cleopatra. Cleopatra was the last active pharaoh of ancient egypt. Her name was cleopatra vii thea philopator, although she is known only as cleopatra to most people. Cleopatra facts worksheets. Includes lesson plans study material resources. Available in pdf google slides format. Great for school home use. Comment report abuse. 0 out of 5 stars good book. S guide to cleopatra. An book just for kids ekids.